best365官网登录的使命是提供世界一流的研究和教学, 培养best365官网登录的毕业生成为未来的领导者和创新者, 并通过best365官网登录的研究惠及更广泛的人群, 企业和影响力.

best365官网登录是一个真正的国际社会,拥有120多个成员国,在全球173个国家有1万名校友, nearly 30 per cent of our academics are international with around the same proportion in our student population.

We are a first choice destination for students in an increasingly competitive market. 学生被best365官网登录优秀的学术声誉所吸引, best365官网登录优秀的毕业生就业记录, best365官网登录拥有世界级的体育设施, 以及其他各种各样的社交活动, best365官网登录提供娱乐和个人发展的机会. best365官网登录有能力在best365官网登录的学科基础上提供安置选择, 和一些领先的组织, 在英国研究型大学中是独一无二的吗.

Our staff are vital in creating the University’s vibrant and innovative academic community, and we value working collaboratively with others within our global network of contacts in business, 的职业, 公众和志愿部门.

Our beautifully landscaped campus offers a real community feel to staff and students alike. Overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath it provides a friendly and safe environment in which to work.



best365官网登录的员工享有安全、舒适的工作环境, 包括工资在内的各种福利, 养老金和工作生活的平衡, 还有校园里优良的设施.


支付 awards to recognise cost of living increases are negotiated nationally through the Universities & 大学雇主协会(UCEA)与公认的工会. The University has a defined pay and grading structure which is adjusted in line with the national pay award. Grades for individual jobs are determined through the application of the Higher Education Role Analysis scheme (HERA).


We operate two generous pension schemes – Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and the 英国best365官网登录 Group 养老金 Plan (UoBGPP). 这些计划包括一项不健康的规定, 死于服务, 一次性支付和每年的养老金. All staff will be informed of their particular pension entitlement through their contract of employment. 


We offer generous holiday entitlements which include the 8 statutory bank holidays as well as 5 further discretionary days.  对于有家庭照顾责任的员工,best365官网登录提供一整套的 家庭友好政策 哪些公司提供灵活的工作时间, 额外的带薪产假, 产假和家庭紧急事假.

世界级的运动设施 是否为员工提供有补贴的现场访问. Our £30 million sports complex has a dedicated team of specialists and has become a renowned centre for sporting excellence used by some of the finest elite athletes in the country.


We operate a 贡献支付 scheme for recognising and rewarding staff for exceptional performance within their current grade. The arrangements aim to recognise and encourage sustained excellence, commitment and professionalism. A similar scheme also exists for professorial and senior professional staff at the University.


这所大学有自己的现场托儿所 韦斯特伍德托儿所.  To support staff with childcare costs we offer a salary exchange childcare voucher scheme.


距巴斯市中心仅2公里, 现场有补贴停车场, but we are also served by good public transport and promote green transport issues including a 骑车上班方案.



Steven Wonnacott谈论他加入大学以来的旅程. 

玛丽安·霍金斯博士, Technical Manager South Science describing her professional inspiring journey at the University

Otter Baker, Teaching Fellow within Skills Centre discussing her experiences at UoB.

Saiyada法, 职业顾问, exploring as a new starter joining the University and how her career has progressed.


Professor Marcelle McManus shares her inspiring journey since she joined the University


位于Claverton Down, 俯瞰全城,  the compact size of the campus provides a real feel of community for all our staff.

We have a wide range of on-site amenities and are surrounded by beautiful countryside, 结合在一起创造一个优秀的工作环境.


边缘艺术 is an academic research centre commissioning new arts projects regionally and nationally, 并为艺术家提供培训机会, 艺术专业人士, 学者和教育工作者.  边缘艺术 present symposia and publications with an emphasis on interdisciplinary practice.




广泛的 买食物或饮料的地方 要么在餐厅吃,要么带走. 


This is both a place and a team of people, available to people of all faiths or none.


韦斯特伍德托儿所 is purpose-built and offers excellent childcare facilities from 6 months to school age.


拥有世界一流的体育设施和家园 团队best365官网登录app下载. best365官网登录著名的3000万英镑的校园体育训练村(STV), 健身, 训练, 理疗和运动科学设施基本上都在一个屋檐下.

The STV has indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate more than 50 sports and, 同时也是一个世界级的多运动训练环境, regularly hosts major international competitions such as the Fed Cup tennis and Modern Pentathlon European Championships.





best365官网登录鼓励所有员工学习, develop new skills and progress their careers throughout their employment with us. There is a variety of opportunities that will help you to enhance your performance in your current job, 为大学内的其他职位做准备,并向其他角色发展.


在你最初的几个月里, you will be supported to learn your job and the broader workings of the University, 包括进入部门系统, “大学简介”日, 以及适当的在职培训.


年度检讨计划, 你和你的直属经理进行哪项工作, 是你职业发展的核心吗. 从这些会议中你会发现你需要学习的东西, and opportunities – within the University or outside – that will fulfil those needs. 和你的经理一起计划, 公司会鼓励你把学到的东西运用到工作中去.


大学提供广泛主题的发展活动, from lunchtime briefing sessions to accredited programmes that may take many months to complete, 包括亲密的个人支持. These are provided by both internal staff development teams and external experts, usually working to tightly-specified commissions so that the material is tailored to the 英国best365官网登录 context. 如果你在你的部门或大学里找不到合适的机会, 在户外上课是可能的.


The World Heritage City of Bath is one of the most interesting, elegant and vibrant cities in the UK. The city is known for its many beautiful buildings and the natural hot springs which gave the city its name.

从历史 罗马best365官网登录app下载场 当代的 温泉沐best365官网登录app下载温泉在美国,这座城市独特地融合了建筑遗产和现代生活方式.

巴斯有几个优秀的人 博物馆和美术馆,并举办各种 节日和事件 全年.

best365官网登录app下载的异常 餐饮场景 这座城市是否赢得了美食胜地的美誉. There are over 150 restaurants, cafés and traditional pubs set within a great range of 购物 从高街商店到小型专卖店.

巴斯是一座美丽的绿色城市,拥有众多 公园和花园 探索.

There is a comprehensive bus service throughout the city as well as good transport links to the region and beyond. The mainline railway means London is within easy reach and the nearby motorway connects Bath to the rest of the UK.

Bath has an excellent range of schools with a wide choice of secondary education. 有许多公园,游乐区和开放的空间,包括美妙的 皇家维多利亚公园它是美国最早的公共公园之一.

这个城市有许多令人愉快的地方 户外活动. 你可以乘船游览埃文河, walk beside the Kennet and Avon Canal or make use of the superb sports facilities.

巴斯的周围 华丽的乡村 和有趣的地方. 巨石阵, 索尔斯堡, 井, 格拉斯顿伯里, 切达峡谷, 牛津和布里斯托尔离巴斯都很近.

Below, Saiyada法, 职业顾问, exploring as a new starter, joining the University.